History of Bank of Bird-in-Hand

History of Bank of Bird-in-Hand

In 2013, we realized a need in the Lancaster County community for a different banking experience – one that focuses on relationships rather than transactions, one that was willing to go off the beaten path to meet its customers’ needs.

With a mission to provide quality banking services with integrity in the markets we serve, Bank of Bird-in-Hand opened its doors in December 2013 in the heart of Lancaster County’s Plain Community, in the quaint village of Bird-in-Hand. At that time, we were the first bank in the United States to gain a charter since 2010, and we remain the only bank in PA to open since 2008.

Since then, we’ve continued to grow, opening branches in the towns of Intercourse, Paradise, Ephrata, Manheim, and Schaefferstown. We launched our Mobile Branch fleet – fully equipped RVs offering everything you’d find in any bank building. These Mobile Branches allow Bank of Bird-in-Hand to bring services to those who traditionally have been underserved by the banking industry, and travel the country roads of Lancaster County, Chester County, and now the Lykens Valley area in Dauphin County. We continue to provide services, such as telephone banking and courier services, that have gone by the wayside at other banks.

We feel we’ve found our place in the community, and we hope you’ll find your place at Bank of Bird-in-Hand.

Bank of Bird-in-Hand Mission Statement

“To cultivate lasting customer relationships by providing quality banking services
with integrity in the markets we serve.”